A Boise Dentist talks dentistry in the Old World

Published: 30th March 2011
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Today’s advances in dental care are taken for granted. These days we can sit in a dental chair and with relatively little pain have cavities filled, teeth removed, teeth replaced, dentures fitted and even brand new teeth installed merely for cosmetic reasons. To think that people are still fearful of going to the dentist is laughable.

In the 1700’s dental care was something to be feared and feared for good reason. Here were just three reasons to fear getting dental care in the 1700’s

1. Back in the 1700’s you could actually get a haircut and also tooth extraction from your handy neighborhood "barber surgeon." Sounds good right?

2. Your local barber surgeon would also stick leeches to you to extract bad blood and then to round out his service offerings he could perform minor surgery and if the surgery failed never worry because he could also embalm you, for a fee of course.

3. For the wealthy clientele of the local barber surgeon, an actual doctor would come to your house to look at your teeth if you were having trouble. But if you were poor, you went to the market, where a self-taught or student barber surgeon would be all too happy to remove your tooth, for a price. As for sanitation, the local market also sold chickens, goats, vegetables and wigs. What would you think if you went into your dentist office and they were also selling wigs?

We are so fortunate to live in today’s world. The advancement of dentistry did improve later on in the 1700s, becoming a profession in its own right. Dental leaders in the field wrote books from their own experience and that began the start of a wonderful profession which is rich with history, service and honor. Dentistry has been taken out of the barber shops and placed into the hands of dedicated professionals who wish to see the art of dentistry perfected. Today’s modern dental offices provide state of the art treatment that is time tested and proven to work. Feel at ease the next time you enter into a dental office.

So the next time you step into our office, be thankful that instead of going to the hairdresser to get teeth removed while you pick up a chicken for dinner and a wig for your mother in law. Today you can get your hair done by a hairdresser and your teeth fixed by a dentist rather than the barber-surgeon.

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